WonderTech Rebel Racing Drone

WonderTech Rebel Racing Drone

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Product Description

With the newly upgraded return-to-home key, one press of a button will bring your drone safely back home. Use with WonderTech 2.4 GHz drones to eliminate interference. Radio signal is ideal for outdoor long-distance operations.Control distance function reaches to 1000 meters or 3280'. With the left/right throttle control switch, pilots can fully customize their control deck.The throttle limit control allows the pilot to dial in the desired throttle level for hovering and dynamic banked turns. 3D tumbling rolls and stunts and full control manual flips during flight. The 6-axis gyro stabilization system keeps your drone level and on course. Drone has high strength components, and is built with a durable carbon fiber body for the roughest of landings. Loaded with GPS, GPS position hold, auto hover, return to home, altitude position hold, 5.8GHz image transmission module, and an intelligent direction warning lamp system to notify other racers which direction you're turning. Modular design with quick change carbon fiber frame and parts. The unit auto buzzes when the transmitter is disconnected, making it easy to locate unknown landing points. The 2.4GHz frequency band signal offers the pilot greater precision, improved responsiveness, enhanced distance control and allows for simultaneously controlling multiple drones with friends without mutual interference.High-tech futuristic design. . Fully equipped with the highest-quality brushless motor, this ultra-responsive drone will turn on a dime, test your skills and build proficiency and crank up the speed to push it to the limits.


  • THE BEST CARBON FIBER RACING DRONE on the market comes with a built in 1.0 MP Camera that captures crystal clear video in 1280x720P enabling in-flight video recording and picture taking. It's built with carbon fiber reinforced plastic to help prevent damage even in minor crashes
  • GOPRO COMPATIBLE, MODULAR DESIGN, FLYS 25 MPH. This racing drone can fly a super fast 25 MPH.  Also comes with a GoPro Hero camera bracket that's compatible with Hero 5, Hero 4, and all Hero action cameras with easy-to-attach technology and a modular design for so you can easily interchange parts. (GoPro camera bracket included; GoPro Hero not included)
  • ONE BUTTON RETURN-TO-HOME technology enables the drone to return home at the press of a single button, to help you never lose another drone and easily control the drone for advanced drone operators and beginners alike.
  • DUAL GPS, EASY TO FLY TECHNOLOGY and this drone comes with a 6 Axis Gyro and 3D lock technology for our best in class flight stabilization.  Also comes with fully customizable controls, a control distance of up to 3280 ft (100M+), a flight time of 10-12 min, and a lightning fast charging time of 150 minutes per replaceable lithium ion drone battery
  • COMES WITH A FREE FLIGHT APP that you can download that's Android & iOS compatible for the best drone flying experience possible.  Stream video live to your phone or control your Voyager drone right from your phone.

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