X4-10 Agricultural spraying drone pesticide spraying drone UAV

X4-10 Agricultural spraying drone pesticide spraying drone UAV

X4-10 Agricultural spraying drone pesticide spraying drone UAV Rating:
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package included:excluded Lipo and charger everything in the package Dimensions 1148*1148*453mm (arm unfolded, without propeller) 680*680*453mm (arm folded) Propeller material High-performance engineered carbon Size 3080 30.8inch 765mm Signal arm length 550mm Diagonal wheelbase 1520mm Battery installation size 168*136*60mm Spraying system Tank standard capacity 10L Nozzle 4 Spray width 6.2m (@height 1m,flight speed 7m/s) 7.9m(@height 1.5m,flight speed 7m/s) *wind speed ≤2m/s tested Droplet size XR11001VS:130 - 250 μm(Droplet size may vary according to operation environment and spraying speed) May Spray speed 0.41L/Min (per nozzle, for water) Flight parameters Total weight(without battery and payload) 9.2Kg Standard takeoff weight 23.1Kg Max takeoff weight 26Kg@sea level Hovering time 22min (@with 12.1Kg takeoff weight) 14min (@with 22.1Kg takeoff weight) Max effective payload weight 10Kg -10%+10% Max power consumption 6400W Power battery 44.4V/10000mAh Max flying speed 8m/s Signal drone operating time one set battery 8-12min Relative flying height Distance from crop 1-4m Signal drone Operating efficiency 50-75 Acre /hour Low battery alarming Yes, Landed or returned to the point of departure Liquid test No liquid when the alarming, record off points. Support the spray system fault detection and alarming Fail-safe protection Yes Breakpoint continued spray Yes Variable application Yes Follow the line Yes Flight mode Manual mode Yes GPS mode Yes Manual assist(semi-auto) Yes Autonomous flight Yes A key to take off Yes control method Remote control/ grand station Irregular field operations Yes Signal effective distance 1Km-2Km Radius 1Km support operations drone ≥10 sets Working temperature -5-45°C


  • 40-60 faster than manually spraying fertilizers and pesticides ultra-fast efficiency of 40-60 acres per hour up to 15 minutes flight time with 10 kg standard payload smart battery management system (manage charging and discharging to extend longevity) stabilizing algorithm and intelligent take-off, landing, and resuming system.

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