Toy State Racing League 5.8 GHz Race Vision 220 FPV Pro Drone

Toy State Racing League 5.8 GHz Race Vision 220 FPV Pro Drone

Toy State Racing League 5.8 GHz Race Vision 220 FPV Pro Drone Rating:
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Get ready to race with the Race Vision 220 FPV Pro! Nikko Air has teamed up with DRL (Drone Racing League) to deliver the ultimate drone racing experience leveraging elite drone racing technology, developed by drone racers, designed for future pilots. You can't fly true FPV using a cell phone or on Wi-Fi without disruptions. Race Vision 220 uses 5.8 GHz analog frequency allowing the pilot to see real-time video transmission without delay or interruptions. It includes a full color LCD screen and FPV goggles that provide and immersive flight experience from the cockpit of the drone. Designed for pilots of all skill levels with 3 variable flight modes, multiple speed settings, and 16 one touch stunts, this racing drone is sure to take you from beginner to pro in no time. Propeller guards are great for beginners and can be removed for advanced pilots. View and record high definition video. Includes an SD card to store your videos and share with friends. Beta Flight advanced software allows for precise tuning and customized controls Hard case quick swap battery design removes the exposed wires for a more durable battery design Interchangeable controls pinch and joystick Does not require FAA registration Take training to the next level with the DRL Racing Simulator designed to transform rookies into pilots. This digital gaming platform provides new pilots the ability to learn how to fly a racing drone, compete in actual DRL courses, and master their skills before taking to flight in real life.


  • 5.8 GHz analog transmission delivers real-time video display without image delay. High performance speeds of 25+ miles per hour!
  • Includes LCD screen and FPV googles allowing you to see exactly what your drone sees as it happens
  • Practice your piloting skills with the DRL Simulator. This digital gaming platform allows new pilots to learn how to fly, compete in actual DRL courses, and race friends
  • With 3 variable flight modes and 3 speeds this is the perfect Race Drone for all skill levels- beginners to advanced. Highly durable composite frame designed to flex, bend and crash with confidence

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