Tactical Vest Kit for Nerf N-Strike Elite Series – GLOW in the DARK ULTRA VALUE PACK!

Tactical Vest Kit for Nerf N-Strike Elite Series - GLOW in the DARK ULTRA VALUE PACK!

Tactical Vest Kit for Nerf N-Strike Elite Series - GLOW in the DARK ULTRA VALUE PACK! Rating:
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Enjoy the Nerf game like Never Before with this Tactical Typhoon Vest Kit. Safe, Breathable, and Strong Fabric ensures Protection and Durability.Plenty of Storage Space to carry SPARE Clips, Darts and Blasters. ADJUSTABLE Velcro allows the Vest to fit most sizes. Get your hands on these Refill Darts if you don't want your Bullets to FINISH right in the Middle of a Battlefield. We offer a Massive Stock which will not Betray you in any Battle. Don't Hesitate, Fire Freely, and Beat your Enemy. Your Enemy likes to Vanish in the Darkness? No Need to worry as we have the Solution for it. Use our GLOW in the Dark Darts to bring them out of their Hiding Pits. Surprise them with this LATEST invention. If you Like to have Plenty of Fire-Power, you will simply LOVE it. It provides you with the liberty to carry EXTRA Ammunition on the move. 2 Quick-reload Clips (6 darts each) and a Wristband (8 darts) provides you with a Decent BACKUP to make up for you Missed Shots. Clips have been designed to ensure Maximum USAGE as they Work with all kinds of Nerf N-Strike Elite blasters and most of the N-Strike blasters. Cool Tactical Mask made from BREATHABLE Fabric adds Frightening Visual Impact in the game. Hide your TRUE Identity through this and Catch your Enemy un-guarded. Practice makes a Man PERFECT. We strongly agree to that and that's why we have included Targets in our VALUE PACK. Master your Skills by shooting Rounds after Rounds on these Foamy Targets. For all the Toy-Gun Fans out there, it is a MUST-HAVE article. You can start your Battles right away with this Tactical Vest. It is also a Great GIFT for a boy's birthday as they LOVE to Engage in Gun Fights. **GUNS & GLASSES ARE NOT INCLUDED**


  • ✔️ THE BEST TACTICAL VEST KIT ON THE MARKET- Our Tactical Vest Kit Includes 1 High Quality Artic Blue Camouflage Tactical Vest, 1 Leg Pistol holster, 70 High accuracy darts, 30 Premium glow darts, 6 Practice Pillars, Camo mask neck protector and 2 magazine clips to ensure quick reloading and ultimate efficiency out on the battlefield. ***GUN NOT INCLUDED***
  • ✔️ YOU WILL HAVE THE MOST AMMO ON THE BATTLE FIELD ALL THE TIME - This Tactical Vest Kit will allow you to carry up to 12 darts on your shoulder straps, 12 darts inside the 2 magazines, and an extra 8 darts conveniently located on your wrist, so you can quickly reload your clips while taking cover! That's 30-extra darts and that's not even counting how many you can store inside the vest's pouch or inside the holster storage space!
  • ✔️ TRAIN YOUR AIM AND IMPRESS YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY - Your spectators will be in awe as you hit insane trick shots from across the room. Challenge them to a game of jackpot and see who can score the highest by hitting the differently numbered targets.
  • ✔️ SLAY THE DAY AND LIGHT UP THE NIGHT WITH 30 PREMIUIM GLOW IN THE DARK DARTS - That's right you read it correctly, we're sending you 30 of the 100 darts to be premium glow in the dark! Just make sure you charge them up for a few minutes before you dim the lights, so your opponents will see how cool you look as you unload the blaster and hit them with the neon green glow!
  • ✔️ A REAL LEG UP ON THE COMPETITION - Failing to plan is planning to fail. Running out of darts with your primary blaster can be bad news. Especially if you don't have a backup plan! But, Good news for you though. You've got a plan B. If you do ever run out of ammo slide to cover and reach for your secondary weapon in your Holster! The great thing is that the pistol holster has an additional small pouch, so you can fit even more darts in there for more redemption!

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